Nomination & Voting Process 2019 – 40th Annual Tejano Music Awards


NOTICE: You must be an authorized representative
of the nominee to submit nominations.

This is NOT for Public or Fan use!

Nominations originate from record companies, group managers, artists, and/or representative. TTMA reviews and submits nominations list to the Nominating and Screening Committee for verification and eligibility. TTMA does not nominate an artist. This is solely the responsibility of the record companies, group managers, artists, and/or representative.

If an Artist is not represented by a Record Label, the Artist can nominate themselves. The Nomination and Screening Committee returns the verified nominations to TTMA for the creation of a ballot. This ballot will then be sent out to the Tejano Industry consisting of Artists, Record Labels, Managers, Radio and News organizations. TTMA sends the voting results to a Certified Public Accountant for tabulation. The CPA submits the results to TTMA. The top 12 nominees from each category will be included in a General Ballot to be sent out to the General Public and Tejano Industry.

Artist or Record Labels must submit their materials: Two (2) CD’s or Two (2) thumb drives to:
Bino G. – TTMA
1325 Fair Dr.
Angleton,Texas 77515

TTMA invites all Tejano artists to submit their material. Items will not be returned. If the material is not submitted for consideration, they are not included in the Award selection process. Artists are not required to submit any material or may choose not to submit their material. In order to be fair with everyone, an Artist or record company who knowingly submits ineligible material shall come under review and may be barred from participating in the annual Tejano Music Awards for this years (2019) and next year (2020).


Top twelve (12) nominees are placed, by qualifying category, on the General Ballot and published on the TMA Web site for qualifying voters. If there are tie votes for the 12th nomination, all tied nominees will be listed on the General Ballot to decide who will be the top nominees. This will sometimes make a category have more than 12 nominees. If there are less than 12 nominees that qualify, TMA will list all nominees that are eligible. If nominees in a category are less than 8, TMA will either eliminate that category or if it makes sense to keep the category will list the category with at least 5 nominees. Categories with 4 or fewer nominees will automatically be eliminated. It is possible for categories to be combined such as for example Female and Male Entertainer Category or Album Tejano and Album Conjunto Category to make up the top 12 nominees.


All entries must have been released between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019.

In all categories, Artist must have actively performed within the eligibility period. Each category must have a minimum of eight (8) eligible nominations. To qualify for Album of the Year categories, sixty percent (60%) or six (6) music tracks must be new or original renditions. Artists or groups nominated in the Best New Artist Award categories do not qualify for the Album of the Year category. Artists or groups releasing singles only without a CD release will only qualify for the Song of the Year category. All re-mixed material (singles/CDs) qualifies in Industry Ballot, however, only the PRODUCER is eligible.


Previous winners of this category are not eligible for re-entry.

Best New Artists must have recorded at least one but not more than three (3) albums. Artist and groups in this category will not be able to nominate in the Male Vocalist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, or Album of the year categories. The categories available to New Artist are Best New Artist – Male, Best New Artist – Female, and Best New Artists – Group.


To qualify in album category, sixty percent (60%) or six (6) music tracks must be new or original renditions. Remixes must qualify for industry ballot. This category must have at least eight (8) nominated artists to justify the creation of a new category. If the category meets the required number, only the Producer/Engineer will be eligible to win. The artist is disqualified due to previous nomination/eligibility in its original form. The artist must have actively performed nominated song or albums within the eligibility period.


Single must have been released during the eligibility period of January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018.

Singles from an album are eligible for two (2) eligibility periods. Two-Year eligibility begins with the release date of the single from an album, not yet released, and the year the album is released or the year the album is released and the following year if the single was not previously released. Eligibility is based on singles or albums release date per criteria above. Each single or track is eligible only ONCE. Singles released in compilation CD i.e. The Best of are eligible if the single was not previously released.

Songs re-released are not eligible if the song was previously submitted as a nomination. Songs that received minimal airplay in life will be considered, on a case by case basis by the Nominating and Screening Committee. Only ONE (1) single from any album may be nominated during one (1) eligibility period.

After verification of eligible nominees by Nominating and Screening Committee, nominees will be placed on the Official Artists Voting Ballot. Entries received after the deadline will not be included in the final tabulation.


PHASE I Nominations- TBA

Originate from artists and records labels. TMA reviews and submits to the Nominating and Screening Committee for verification and eligibility. The approved list then goes to artist and record labels for voting. CPA returns top 12 nominees by category to TMA.

PHASE II Official Voting- TBA

Top twelve (12) entries and nominees are placed on the General Ballot and the ballot is placed on the TMA Web site for qualifying voters (registered Tejanos). Voting period ends TBA. Ballots to be postmarked and/or received by CPA no later than TBA. CPA will tabulate ballots and SUBMIT the top five (5) nominees in each category to TMA.

Top five (5) nominees will be announced at the TMA NOMINEES DANCE. Date and location TBA.